Dynamic in motion axle weigher, model DWA

Axle weigher for static or dynamic in motion weighing of trucks, tractors, etc.
The truck is driven on or across the weighing platform, after which the wheel axle is weighed. When all the axles have been weighed the overall weight of the truck or combination is computed. The attached versatile high performing weigh indicator makes the systeem highly appropriate for advanced applications like weighing / checking of in- and outgoing goods and products, with data- and printing control and stating of the vehicle's registration plate.
When 2 weighings are made (f.i. unloaded and loaded), tare weight, nett weight and gross weight are determined automatically.

Two versions: static weighing or dynamic in motion weighing

Static weighing

First the vehicle is driven with the front axle on the weighing platform and holds; the axle is weighed. Successively the next axle is driven onto the platform and weighes, etc. After this the vehicle's overall weight is automatically computed.

Dynamic in motion weighing

The vehicle can be driven non-stop across the weighing platform at a 5 km/h non-stop speed, while each wheel axle is weighed automatically and the vehicle's overall weight is computed automatically.
Options i.a.: alibi memory with date/time, max. 120.000 weighings; IR remote control; thermal receipt- or labelprinter; virtual printer (MMS card); radio-interface for wireless communication with PC/printer and indicator; ethernet-interface + ethernet cable; LED-tower (red - orange - green); USB interface in stead of standard RS-232; software for Windows; indicator in stainless steel housing IP68 ; large 2nd display in stainless steel housing; roll on/roll off ramps, if installed on the floor in stead of countersunk in the floor.

Schedule minimum length equal floor level