Bench scale BSK

bankweegschaal bsk
bankweegschaal bsk

Affordable bench scale, available in CE-verified version as well as “not for legal trade” version. Equipped with a clearly readable weight indicator with backlit  LCD-display.

Weight indicator mounted at the basic frame, but it can be easily separated from the frame (supplied with  1 m coiled cord), for installation on a table or to be mounted at a wall.

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  1. Type: BSK-6 Weighing capacity: 6 kg Division: 2 g Version: IJkwaardig Platform dimensions: 365 x 235 mm
  2. Type: BSK-15 Weighing capacity: 15 kg Division: 5 g Version: IJkwaardig Platform dimensions: 365 x 235 mm
  3. Type: BSK-30 Weighing capacity: 30 kg Division: 10 g Version: IJkwaardig Platform dimensions: 365 x 235 mm
  4. Option: verification fee (all versions)
  5. Option: dual range division

Bench scale BSK

  • optional version CE verified (application for legal trade)
  • available capacities 6 kg, 15 kg and 30 kg
  • division resp. 2 g, 5 g and 10 g
  • stainless steel weighing platform and basic frame
  • dimension platform 365 x 235mm
  • supplied with tiltable, ABS plastic indicator, model ISC-XS
  • indicator to be used in two ways: mounted at the basic frame or separately with 1 m coiled cord
  • clearly readable backlit LCD-display (lighting on-/off switchable), 25 mm height
  • simple 5-keys keypad
  • full range tare, automatic tare-function
  • zero setting, automatic or manual addition
  • supplied with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting PC, PLC etc. and 1x RS232/C interface for connecting (label)printer
  • power: internal, rechargeable battery; charger: netadaptor 230V


  • CE-verified (“approved”)
  • dual range division