Bunch Selection Weighing System KWS


Bunch selection weighing system KWS is a smart system to quickly and efficiently filling cartons or boxes with product, with a total weight which remains within pre-set values.

CE verifiable (application for legal trade).

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  1. Type: KWS Weighing capacity: optionally Version: Verified

Bunch selection weighing system  KWS

Versatile weighing system for controlled weighing of ia bunch tomatoes

General properties

  • backlit graphic display with touch screen technology, dim. 120x90mm (lxh)
  • 15-key alphanumerical waterproof keyboard
  • 3-way control LEDs for checkweighing
  • QWERTY keypad integrated in the touch screen
  • watertight stainless steel indicator housing IP68, with new IP68 protection system
  • multilanguage software
  • stove enamelled steel frame, equipped with adjustable feet
  • stainless steel table top and integrated weighing platform
  • capacity at choice
  • robust cabinet beneath the weighing table, fitted with on / off switch
  • power 230V
  • M verifiable (application for legal trade)


  • the 10 small weighing platforms are filled with a bunch
  • a box, filled with product, is placed on the weighing platform; the LED indicator light on the indicator indicates whether the net weight is within the preset values (LED orange = too little, green = correct weight, red = too much)
  • if the weight of box on the large weighing platform is too high or too low, one removes a buch from the box; immediately after that one or two lamps beneath the small weighing platforms will light on; take the bunch from the small platform from which the lamp is lighted and put it into the box; the total weight is now approved by the indicator
  • because the target weight and its tolerances of the content in the box are set in the indicator, the indicator determines which bunch(es), being on the small weighing platforms, must be added to the box, in order to come within the tolerances of the target weight

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