Counting Scale LTU

LTU counting scale 01
LTU counting scale 01

Counting scale with stainless steel housing and color display with touchscreen. Firmware with versatile functions for fast counting of articles, including totalization and inventory.

The rechargeable internal battery and the handles on the sides make it quick and easy to move the scale to another location.

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  1. Type: LTU6 Weighing capacity: 3 kg / 6 kg Division: 0.5 g / 1 g Version: IJkwaardig Platform dimensions: 250 x 340 mm Range: Dual range
  2. Type: LTU30 Weighing capacity: 12 kg / 30 kg Division: 2 g / 5 g Version: IJkwaardig Platform dimensions: 250 x 340 mm Range: Dual range

Counting Scale / Bench Scale LTU

  • standard equipped with firmware for counting articles
  • equipped with robust stainless steel housing, easy to clean
  • removable stainless steel weighing platform, easy to clean, dimensions 250 x 340 mm
  • version not for legal trade, optionally CE-approved *
  • equipped with alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard
  • possibility of connection to one external scale via serial cable connection, or additional weighing platforms (maximum 3)
  • graphic display with background lighting and touchscreen technology, l x h 120 x 90 mm; display screen layout fully customizable
  • 3-color LED indicator light
  • water protected keyboard and multifunctional program protection
  • protection class IP44
  • equipped with non-slip adjustable feet
  • ergonomic handle on the sides
  • the spirit level is positioned under the weighing platform
  • equipped with serial port RS232 for connection to PC or printer
  • power supply: internal rechargeable battery (operating time about 40 hours) or external power supply / battery charger
  • the LTU is optionally available with a built-in ticket printer


  • 2 serial ports RS232, for connection to printer, PC or PLC, radio module and optional interfaces
  • 1 serial port RS232 for connection to repeater, external scale, badge reader, etc.
  • equipped with keyboard emulation input, for connection to barcode / badge reader or external PC keyboard, via cable with mini-DIN connector (option)
  • Modbus RTU interface

More I / O options can be found under the Options tab.

*Note: The balance is verifiable (application for legal trade); the legal inspection only applies to the weight reading, so it does not apply to determining numbers / quantities.

Possible working method with a pre-programmed system

  • operator selects article from a preprogrammed database, the piece weight is linked to the respective article
  • it is also possible to make a manual sample weight by, for example, placing 10 items on the scale and entering that 10 items are on it
  • operator places bin and tares
  • operator fills bin with desired number of items
  • the number of pieces can be easily read in the display; optionally a ticket can be printed or the data can be registered to registration software on a PC (Software AllScales SW)


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