Flower Check Weighing System


Flower weighing system for 100% weight check on your flower bunches.
If a bunch weighs too little or too much a LED-lamp above the bunch concerned will light up; the lighted LED will follow the bunch until the end of the conveyor.

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  1. Type: Flower Check Weighing capacity: naar keuze Price: On application

Flower Check Bloemenweegsysteem

  • compact, reliable and accurate checkweigher
  • special application for weighing flower bunches with approx. 70 cm length and 25 cm width; the bunches are weighed broadwise
  • frame construction in painted steel
  • equipped with 1 weighing belt 400×500 mm
  • clearly readable backlit graphic display
  • easy operation; equipped with 25-key keypad
  • equipped with emergency stop and start/restart button
  • static or dynamic weighing by non stop conveyor belt
  • capacity 5 kg, division 5 g
  • max. number of weighinhs approx. 40 a minute
  • check function with easy settable upper and lower limits
  • dynamic weigh limits through automatic calculation of the average weight of x-number of bunches
  • statistics; memory for 1000 articles, with programmable alphanumeric description, density, limits, tare
  • incorporated real-time clock
  • equipped with 2x RS232/C interface for connecting printer, 1x RS485
  • digital filters against vibration, airflow, vibrations, etc.
  • power 230 V / 50 Hz
  • equipped with indication LEDs above the conveyor belt; qty 8, 16, or 24 LEDs
  • available length from 3 up to 8 meter


  • 2 LEDs per position for i.e. under/over or under T1/ over T2
  • more options available