FW04 – Firmware Static Checkweighing

FW04 Firmware Statical Check Weighing
FW04 Firmware Statical Check Weighing

Special firmware for OEM systems for industrial automation for static checkweighing (pre-packaged products), with data and print management.

Static inspection function, adjusted as required or in accordance with legal EEC standards, with acceptance / refusal criteria of the lot to be checked. This firmware applies to our weight indicators of the types HP-Ultra,HPR-TouchHP-Touch , VPI-U and VPI-U-Advanced.

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FW04 – Firmware Static Checkweighing

Suitable for advanced static checkweighing of pre-packed products, with data and print management.

Main features

  • zero setting; gross/net selection; manual or automatic totalization, upon stability of weight or only if within tolerance; horizontal totalization (total of various consecutive weighs)
  • calculation function on the displayed weight: it is possible add, subtract or multiply a value of up to 7 digits to the value shown on the display; the result of the operation is shown on the LED display for a few seconds and is printable
  • automatic tare; presettable tare; lock/unlock tare function
  • keyboard lock/unlock function
  • possibility of connecting an verified precision scale to the third PC serial port (optional)
  • 15 configurable and printable ID texts, each of 16 characters, f.e.: code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • database of 500 articles with: 2 alphanumeric description of 20 characters, density coefficient, nominal weight, three +/- tolerance levels (T1, T2, T3), linked tare
  • 4 levels of resettable totals which may printed in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, total by article
  • automatic warning advises to check the configurable calibration
  • possibility of setting an access password to the technical set-up and one for the databases
    programmable printing from keyboard of 8 print formats (print key, totalization, lot outcome, article total, partial total, general total, grand total, first weigh heading); each print format can contain 512 positions which may be direct ASCII codes or preset print blocks (f.e. company name, weigh and lot progressive, gross, tare and net weight, article description, standard deviation, nr. of off tolerance samples, test outcome, date and time of beginning/end check, etc.
  • included set of default printouts.
  • prints list of last 50 weighings; prints article database with each article’s weight data

    Statical functions:

  • statical check function, selectable as customized or according to legal norms with acceptance/refusal criteria of the lot under examination
  • possibility of selecting the destructive or non destructive legal control
  • calculation and printing of the lot outcome and of the standard deviation
  • quantiy check in ml by entering a density coefficient for each article
  • management of production lines: one can manage up to 10 products simultaneously on one or more scales (up to 1 scale for each line)
  • see also the details of the respective weighing indicator