Network interface SNK

SNK Interface 02209
SNK Interface 02209

Interface for connection of weighing equipment to a LAN network. Buffer capacity: max 1000 weighings; network connection via standard RJ45 connector.

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  1. Type: SNK Interface Description: Network card

Network interface SNK

  • network connection via standard RJ45 connector
  • supported protocol: DHCP
  • power 5VDC +/- 10% 200mA
  • dimensions 61 x 51 mm
  • buffer capacity: max 1000 weighings
  • visual indication LED functions:
    • LED1: Network connection present (hardware)
    • LED2: Netwerk activity present
    • LED3: FTP action in progress
    • LED4: IP address obtained from DHCP server
  • jumper functions:
    • JP1: TCP/RS232 bridge

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