Poultry Scale HMP-3


Stainless steel scale for weighing of live poultry. Weighing capacity 15 or 30 kg (different capacities on request).

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Poultry Scale HMP-3

  • version not for legal trade
  • capacity 15 kg / 5 g division or 30 kg / 10 g division (different capacities on request)
  • stainless steel housing; protection class IP65
  • equipped with special suspension hook; other weighing attributes optionally available
  • simple, waterprotected 5-key keypad, with one key to which a desired function can be easily linked
  • clearly readable backlit LCD, 25 mm height
  • power: 230V
  • functions: zeroing, manual tare, automatic tare, print, nett/gross indication, cumulative weighing, hold- and peak function
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting PC, PLC etc.
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting (label)printer
  • included IR-input for optional remote control
  • the data can be read from the display and printed via an optional external printer or sent to PC via optional software


  • various weigh attributes for weighing poultry
  • Windows software
  • ABS plastic carrying case
  • external thermal ticketprinter
  • radio-interface for the purpose of wireless connection to PC/printer and indicator, max. distance 70 m indoors
  • wireless second weight indicator / repeater