Radio Frequency Module AS-RF

AS-RF-radio-interface USB
AS-RF-radio-interface USB

868 MHz Radio frequency interface in box to convert a RS232 signal into an 868MHz radio frequency, for wireless communication between PC / master device and weight indicator / repeater. Ideal for wireless communication between mobile weighing systems.

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Radio Frequency Module AS-RF

  • for connection to weight indicator / repeater
  • IP65 ABS plastic housing
  • box dimensions (l x w x h): 120 x 80 x 55 mm
  • RS232 input signal; RS232 connection cable, length 3 m (optional with USB input signal and USB connection cable instead of RS232)
  • can be combined with another radio module
  • operating frequencies from 868 to 870 MHz, avoiding interference with classic radio frequency systems
  • up to 50 different channels, easily configurable with optional software program via PC, allowing multiple systems to operate in the same environment
  • max. working distance (under appropriate environmental and installation conditions): up to 70 m indoors; up to 150 m outdoors
  • no special communication protocols required; transmission of any character received through the input
    power supply from weighing indicator / repeater


  • equipped with external power supply (adapter)
  • equipped with USB-input signal and USB-connection cable, in stead of RS232