Counting Weight Indicator INDC-II


Counting Weight Indicator INDC-II was designed for fast and accurate counting of quantities of the same items. The indicator operates independently from a 230V outlet through the internal rechargeable battery.

Equipped with three brightly lit and easy to read LCD display windows for display of weight, piece weight and number of pieces. Application not for legal trade purposes.

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  1. Type: INDC-II
  2. Type: Wandmontagebeugel

Counting Weight Indicator INDC-II

  • application not for legal trade
  • smooth, easy to clean plastic housing, supplied with clear transparant protection hood
  • 3 clearly backlit and easy readable LCD-displays, 19 mm height, with weight, unit weight and total count indication
  • water protected keypad, 20 function keys among which numeric keys for easy inserting reference quantities
  • automatic zero setting
  • filter for speed setting, adjustable according to environment conditions
  • weight units: kg / g.
  • automatic power off selection; low battery indication
  • functions : tare, preset tare, simple piece counting, check weighing, accumulated weighing
    full range tare. Reference quantity of pieces insertable via numeric keypad
  • dimensions 274 x 170 x 117 mm
  • solid mains cord with CEE socket for internal charger


  • wall mounting bracket
  • pole for indicator, painted

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