Thermal ticketprinter TP-k

Bonprinter TP-K
Bonprinter TP-K

Thermal ticketprinter TP-k for combination with weight indicator ISCI, ISCI-R of HP(R)-Ultra-series.  Paper width up to 58 mm.

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  1. Type: TP-k Item code: 210501 Price: On application

Thermal ticketprinter TP-k

  • to be combined with weight indicator ISCI, ISCI-R or HP(R)-Ultra-series
  • available as a panel mounting version or as a version to be fixed against the indicator housing
  • resolution 203 dpi
  • 24/40 columns
  • paper width 58 mm, roll diameter up to 50 mm
  • print speed up to 50 mm / sec.
  • print formats: normal, double height and width, negative, underlined, expanded
  • w x h: 130 x 180 mm
  • See also: model BP-R, version in stainless steel housing IP65
  • See also: model TPVP-k, version with built-in virtual printer (for storing weighdata of up to 50,000 weighings)
Note: If the printer is connected to a verified scale it is not possible to print if the weight is under the legal minimum weight of the balance to weigh.