Weight Indicator HP / HPR Ultra


HP / HPR Ultra is a versatile weighing indicator / controller with high performance.
Series HP-Ultra in ABS plastic housing; Series HPR-Ultra in stainless steel housing.
With special software for OEM systems for industrial automation.

The available inputs and outputs, the many features and the available serial commands enable a simple interfacing with a PC or PLC, through which many functions in the weighing system can be automated.

Applicable as 4-channel digital junction box, or as a control manager of 4 independent weighing systems.

There are 12 different firmware versions available (FW-00). Click on a link below for particular applications and properties:

FW-01 for Totalizing and Dosing
FW-02 for counting quantities (pcs, liters, etc.)
FW-03 for vehicle weighing
FW-04 for static checkweighing
FW-05 for automatic price computing
FW-08 for wheel axle weighing
FW-09 for dynamic static axle weighing
FW-D1 for 1 component dosing
FW-DM for multi component dosing
FW-CW for checkweighing
FW-BD for belt-weighing
FW-BN for belt weighing (unload)

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  1. Type: HP-Ultra Item code: 181801 Price: On application
  2. Type: HPR-Ultra Item code: 181802 Price: On application
  3. Type: Carrying case Description: Carrying case, included ticket printer Price type: additional price Price: On application
  4. Type: IR Remote control Price: On application

Weight indicator HP / HPR Ultra


  • CE approvable (application for legal trade)
  • water protected, 25-keys flat keyboard
  • clearly readable LED-display, 15 mm height
  • graphical backlit LCD-display, 25 mm height
  • HP-Ultra: ABS plastic housing, protection class IP65, dim. 278 x 186 x 125 mm
  • HPR-Ultra: stainless steel housing, protection class IP68, dim. 264 x 174 x 115 mm
  • 16 clear LEDs indicating the active functions
  • real time clock and alibi memory
  • permanent data memory (available databases differ per software version)
  • easy Excel data entry: direct communication to spreadsheet or word processing program on PC (like MSExcel or MSWord)
  • display resolution up to 10000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d (CE verified)
  • max. 1.000.000 visible parts in display for internal application and with a 3,000,000 points internal resolution
  • internal rechargeable battery and internal charger 230V
  • number of attachable load cells: 8 (350 O) / 24 (1000 O)
  • 2x RS-232/C interface; 1x RS-232/RS-485 interface
  • 4 optoisolated outputs, 2 optoisolated inputs
  • standard equipped with 2x RS-232 interfaces (for connecting Printer, radio-interface, PC, PLC or external display), 1x RS-232/RS-485 interface (for connectiing PC, PLC or digital load cells), PS/2 connector (for external PC keyboard or barcode scanner)

There are 8 performance-/firmware-versions available for HP(R)-Ultra. See elsewhere on this page.

Options i.a. :

Table database fields series HP(R)-U

Type / sort Articles Ingredients Customers
HP(R)U-01 1000 200
HP(R)U-02 1000 200
HP(R)U-03 500 500
HP(R)U-04 500 500
HP(R)U-05 1000 1000 200
HP(R)U-08 500 500
HP(R)U-09 500 500
HP(R)U-D1 500 500 500



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