Weight Indicator / Micro Controller VPI-Ultra


Weight indicator / micro controller VPI-Ultra for application in industrial systems. Fitted with 16 outputs, 8 digital inputs and 2 serial outputs RS232 / RS485; optional 16-bit analog output. Application for panel mounting.

Modbus RTU and Profibus are some of the features of this indicator, which, together with the available specific firmware, enable a perfect application in dosage, control and checkweighing, with direct control of the automation.

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There are 12 different firmware versions available (FW-00). Click on a link below for particular applications and properties:

FW-01 for Totalizing and Dosing
FW-02 for counting quantities (pcs, liters, etc.)
FW-03 for vehicle weighing
FW-04 for static checkweighing
FW-05 for automatic price computing
FW-08 for wheel axle weighing
FW-09 for dynamic static axle weighing
FW-D1 for 1 component dosing
FW-DM for multi component dosing
FW-CW for checkweighing
FW-BD for belt-weighing
FW-BN for belt weighing (unload)


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Weight indicator / micro controller VPI-Ultra

Particularly designed for industrial automation. The available serial commands allow for a simple automation management within the weighing system (operations depending from application and firmware).

General main features:

  • CE verifiable (application for legal trade)
  • easy to use 25-key waterproof keypad, IP65
  • programmable function keys, for customising the keyboard functions according to the needs
  • alphanumeric backlit graphic display with clearly readable data like weight and automation status
  • synoptic bar graph with 16 bright indication leds showing the active functions.
  • anodised aluminium case according to din standards, 202 x 105 x 148 mm, template for mounting on a board; frontpanel IP65
  • time/date and permanent memory data also in case of mains power interruption
  • calibration and parameter set-up, configurable from the indicator’s keypad; theoretical calibration with entry of the characteristics of the load cells
  • up to 10.000e or multirange 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µv/d M CE legal for trade
  • up to displayable 1.000.000d for internal factory use, internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points
  • A/D 24 bit sigma-delta 4-channel conversion, up to 200 conv./sec. with automatic selection; connectable with up to 8 analog load cells with 350 O input resistance
  • management up to 4 independent scales or digital equalisation of the 4 channels
  • exclusive power unit (8 Vdc to 40 Vdc and upon request, 100-240 Vac)
  • 2x RS-232/C, 16x 0,5A 48Vac/1A 24 Vdc optoisolated outputs, 8 optoisolated inputs (depending from application and firmware)
  • connector for (label)printer(s)

See the various firmware versions elsewhere on this page.


Options i.a.:

  • infrared remote control
  • pole for indicator
  • external thermal ticketprinter/labelprinter
  • thermal ticket/labelprinter for panel mounting
  • wireless connection indicator (RS-232) to USB of PC / printer
  • alibi memory incl. date/time for max. 120.000 weighings
  • ethernet-interface
  • USB interface (instead of standard RS-232 interface)
  • analog outputmet 16 bit A/D-converter 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA (depending from firmware applied)
  • easy weigh software for Windows
  • external RS232/RS485/RS422/Ethernet converter for DIN-rail
  • USB-interface
  • Bluetooth-interface

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