Weight Indicator / Repeater GRM-XL


Weight indicator / repeater GRM-XL features a large LED display enabling reading the weight up to over 25 m distance. Equipped with stainless steel housing IP 68. CE verified.

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  1. Type: GRM-XL Item code: 181001 Price: On application
  2. Type: GRM-XL-PB + profibus Item code: 181002 Price: On application
  3. Type: IR afstandbediening Price: On application
  4. Type: Real time clock Price: On application

Weight Indicator / Repeater GRM-XL

  • M verifiable (application for legal trade)
  • large SMD LEDs build 100 mm high figures, visable up to over 25 mtr
  • software adjustment of the brightness intensity
  • stainless steel housing IP68, dim. 430 x 185 x 64 mm; supplied with stainless steel mounting bracket
  • resolution 10.000e (verified); multirange 2x 3000e; internal up to 3.000.000d
  • internal power 240V / 12-24Vdc
  • flat key board with 5 function keys
  • configurable as weighing indicator or 2nd indicator (repeater, in combination with weight indicator ISCI / ISCI-R, ISCK, ISC-XS, ISC-V or crane scales from the series KWA, KWX, KSK, KWR, KWH)
  • functions a.o. zeroing, tare, preset tare; high resolution weighing (10x more accurate indication), recipe weighing, piece counting, hold / peak, gross/nett, cumulative weighing, in-/out weighing, print
  • verifiable transmission of weighing data to PC/PLC (with optional alibi memory)
  • RS-232 bidirectional interface
  • RS-485 bidirectional interface
  • 2 photo mosfet 150 mA 48Vac / 150 mA 60 Vdc (NO) outputs
  • 2 optoisolated photocouplers 12÷24Vdc, 5mA min. – 20 mA max.


  • model GRM-XL: version as described above
  • model GRM-XL-AN: same as GRM-XL, with 16-bit analog output 4-20mA / 0.5Vdc / 0-10Vdc
  • model GRM-XL-PB: same as GRM-XL, with profibus interface

Options i.a.:

  • pole for indicator
  • real-time clock module (date/time)
  • stainless steel visor cap
  • external thermal ticketprinter/labelprinter
  • wireless connection indicator (RS-232) to USB of PC / printer
  • alibi memory incl. date/time for max. 120.000 weighings
  • ethernet-interface